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In memory of the greatest man who ever lived.

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And here I am :) with the finished work!
And a bonus :)
To tell the truth the last sketch inspired me for the illustration. 
The snow comes ‘cause  I’m listening the wonderful voice of Michael Bublè (and his christmas song) XD

Hope you like this my last little work! :)
Another thing…I would to say thank to everybody that love my works. Often I think that I don’t so well to drawing afterall. But your tags, your comments are very important to me! 
Really really thank to all of you! <3

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Time has came in which we must choose betwin oposites…
Time has came in which we must choose a side.
When by joining one of then, you hurt people you love, is when you see true nature of those people…
What is left to do but cry then?
What is left to do but run away?

awesomely written…
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April Fools


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Sketch of Valar during Valian Years ( before the Lamps)

Namo,Yavanna,Aule,Melkor,Manwe,Varda,Ulmo and Orome

No Irmo and Nienna because they look a lot like Namo, and no Nessa because she looks a lot like Orome. No other girls,because I don’t care for them actually. And no Tulkas - because I can’t imagine his appearance before the Years of the Lamps. 

It was a bad idea to draw Aule and Melkor together,because generally they made from one material,both of them are giant rocks. So Melkor is a rock + ice + fire, and Aule is rock + lead,gold,manganese and other kinds of ore. 

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Jennifer Lawrence falls on the Oscars red carpet

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